First Capital Gold is a precious metals brokerage firm based in Los Angeles, California. We enable investors to purchase precious metals they physically hold, convert IRA accounts into eligible metal products as opposed to merely owning them on paper.

Additionally, First Capital Gold is considered the leader in Precious Metal IRAs. Including gold and other precious metals in your retirement portfolio lowers your risk by diversifying from paper assets, thus hedging against the economy and inflation. Through turbulent times like we are currently experiencing, gold and other precious metals retain value and are trusted to strengthen and secure wealth, where paper assets may not. Contact us today at 888-465-3006 to learn which IRA-eligible products will work best for you.

Since our founding, we have been the industry price leader and continue to exceed expectations through our fast shipping and award-winning customer service.


Wide Selection

First Capital Gold offers a vast array of Gold, Silver, and Platinum products. We are able to sell and quickly ship in-stock items as well as source any products our clients need. We focus on the most important products to minimize overhead and unnecessary cost. This lets us charge less over spot than our competitors while maintaining healthy stock levels on everything we carry.

Market Leading

There is never any sales tax or shipping charges applied to your orders. As the spot price changes, so do the prices of our products. This happens in real-time, so you can rest assured we always offer the lowest possible prices for any products you choose.