We offer the best precious metals buy back guarantee in the industry.  This is simple and straightforward:

  1. First Capital  Gold will buy back any item you have purchased from us at FAIR MARKET values. We survey the market continuously to make sure that our buying price to you is at the top of the market.

  2. First Capital Gold will buy back any gold, silver, platinum or palladium item that you purchased from a competitor at fair market value.

  3. With us, you can confidently sell your precious metals through a simple, honest and transparent process. We will explain the market value, by item so that you can be confident of the value of your precious metals items.

  4. We will send payment to you within 24 hours (or immediately if in person) upon receipt and testing of your precious metals.

Sell Your Gold and Silver for the Best Prices in the Marketplace

We can assure you that with First Capital Gold you can sell your Gold and Silver for the best prices in the marketplace.  Most importantly, First Capital Gold will always buy back ANY item we have sold you at fair market value.  We buy all forms of authentic gold, silver, platinum or palladium, whether they were purchased from us or not.

How to Sell to Us

  • Call Us At (888) GOLD-006

    Our personal team of precious metals traders are here to help you not only buy, but to sell effectively. Call us and we will provide you current and transparent buy back prices for all of your precious metals. We will provide you with a Trade Confirmation and simple shipping instructions.  If you are local, just stop in!

  • Ship It To Us

    All you need to do is securely package and ship your precious metals to the address provided by our trading team. Always ship with a tracking number and email us that number so we can initiate tracking in our order system.

  • Secure Review & Evaluation

    All precious metals shipments are opened under video surveillance to ensure comprehensive security for our clients. We will then test all of your items for authenticity under video surveillance. This is the confirmation step of your Trade Confirmation.

  • Get Paid!

    Once your order is received and tested we will begin to process your payment within 48 hours, or right on the spot if you are local. You have the ability to select your preferred method of payment: Check, bank wire or direct deposit. Local sellers can often be paid in cash, or a portion in cash.  Prompt payment is the key goal for our clients.