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Precious metals have been a proven store of wealth for thousands of years. In times of instability, they have been viewed by many as a safe haven, used to preserve wealth and add security to an otherwise uncertain financial future. Precious metals will always have inherent value because they are tangible and finite resources, uncontrolled by any single government or financial institution. As such, they cannot simply be printed on a government’s whim, like paper currency. This gives precious metals a unique advantage and results in numerous benefits for investors.


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Because precious metals are not subject to the same forces as stocks and other paper assets, diversifying your portfolio with gold and silver can add an additional level of security for your wealth – regardless of the blunders of Washington, Wall Street and beyond.


Few assets offer you and your family protection from political and economic uncertainty like precious metals. Gold, silver and other metals can help safeguard your wealth from a variety of threats, such as the decline of the U.S. dollar or a stock market crash.


Diversifying your assets is a fundamental investment strategy. Most investors primarily hold paper- backed assets – stocks, bonds and mutual funds – which in today’s globalized world can fluctuate wildly with each crisis. This is why many people diversify their portfolios with precious metals – to remove the risk of putting all their eggs in one “paper” basket.


As the dollar’s value continues to decline, many Americans use precious metals as a vital hedge against inflation, preserving their purchasing power for the future. In fact, as the Fed prints money in times of economic distress, the resulting loss in value suffered by the dollar tends to increase the value of metals like gold.


Your investments are your business. Precious metals offer unique privacy not found in many other types of assets. When making a cash purchase, ownership of your precious metals is completely private. Because the metals are in your possession, your portfolio does not need to be accounted for by the government, bank or financial institution.


Some forms of precious metals, such as gold bullion, are valued almost entirely by their metal content and weight, making them tangible, extremely liquid assets that are uninfluenced by the myriad of other factors that threaten other investment types. In fact, precious metals are among the most liquid assets possible to hold as an investment. And when you buy them for physical possession, you always have access to them.


As finite resources, precious metals have unique growth potential. Gold and silver have provided tremendous returns in the past, and many analysts believe today’s prices are a bargain. For some investors, this makes precious metals an attractive alternative to placing their money in low-yielding bonds or stagnant savings accounts.


The demand for gold is everywhere – nowhere more so than from governments themselves. National central banks bought over 533 tons of gold in 2012 – the most in almost half a century. Even countries such as Russia, Turkey and Ukraine are taking on more gold. The demand for precious metals will continue to rise, not only from nations and investors, but also from the numerous industries that use the metals in their manufacturing every day.


As the demand for precious metals is increasing, supply is decreasing, thus naturally pushing their value higher over time. Around the world, many of the large deposits and high-grade gold have been discovered – and yet these metals continue to be sought after for use in medicine, machinery and a myriad of other applications. You don’t have to be an economics whiz to predict what this could mean for the value of gold in the years ahead!