Including gold and other precious metals in your portfolio lowers your risk by diversifying from paper assets, thus hedging against the economy and inflation. Through turbulent times, such as an economic downturn, gold and other precious metals retain value and are trusted to strengthen and secure wealth, where paper assets may not. The IRS regulates and controls the products that can be added to your precious metals-backed IRA. That’s why it’s important to choose an industry authority like First Capital Gold, so you know you are working with professionals and have access to excellent IRA-eligible products. Contact us today to discuss gold-backed IRAs.


  • 1. A First Capital Gold representative will explain to you how a Gold and Precious Metals IRA works, so you can decide if the option is right for you.

  • 2. If you decide that an IRA fits your needs, the representative will send you the necessary forms from our custodian partner, the IRA administrators, together with First Capital Gold’s own customer agreement.

  • 3. After you have signed and completed the required forms, your First Capital Gold representative will create an account for you and discuss various options for your IRA, including which coins qualify for inclusion.

  • 4. After our custodian partner receives funding, either directly from you or via a transfer of an existing IRA, your First Capital Gold representative arranges for the precious metals to be sent to you.

  • 5. You will then be a client of our custodian partner and will pay the appropriate fees for administration and storage.

  • 6. When you reach 70.5 years of age and must take distributions, then you may choose to take distributions in physical gold, provided the IRA contains precious metals of the appropriate value.

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