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This depends on the type of gold you wish to buy. If you are looking for a small-scale, minimum-risk purchase then gold coins and bars of all sizes can be purchased through First Capital Gold or online and via phone. A bulk-quantity of gold coins or bars and which are assessed by weight, can be purchased through First Capital Gold.
The price of gold varies. Per ounce, kilo and gram, pricing is updated real time and so you’ll see a difference in pricing basically day-to-day, and even minute-to-minute. If you would like to stay current on the price of gold, visit our page for Gold Prices with metrics that reference past, present and future trends of gold prices. Bear in mind that the cost of the gold itself is not the only factor in the price of premium, collectible, or ‘numismatic’ coins. For these types of coin, history, esthetic appeal, rarity, condition and ‘grade’ will tend to be much more important.
The biggest mistake that most first-time gold buyers make is seeking advice from the wrong people or purchasing through the wrong firm. This can be avoided by doing research on which company you choose to consult and, ultimately, purchase with.
Gold can be a sensible purchase to protect and enhance the performance of an active portfolio. There are a number of reasons why gold makes sense including: 1) Protecting against the insidious effects of the dollar’s declining purchasing power, 2) Reducing portfolio volatility and 3) Minimizing losses during periods of market shock. In addition, gold lacks correlation with other assets so it can be used to diversify a portfolio and to hedge against currency risk. Gold is best seen as a long-term, historically proven purchase that offers tremendous benefits to those who understand and who are willing to consider the issues involved.
Setting Objectives:
There are a number of different types of gold which are all available to purchase – you’ll want to base your purchasing decision on what your objectives are. There are ETF’s, future contracts, gold mining stocks, gold certificates and mutual funds, but First Capital Gold’s customers prefer to buy physical gold – gold bars and coins – both bullion and premium formats.
This depends on your reasons for being interested in buying gold in the first place. Many people start with the thought that gold bars make most sense, but the really big ‘good delivery’ bars that they’ve seen in the movies are beyond most people’s reach, and beyond most organizations other than central banks. It’s worth considering that coins first came into being as a way of certifying provenance and therefore value. Even today it’s easier to sell a coin than the equivalent bar, whose gold content can be an unknown quantity to the buyer.
This depends on your level of interest in gold, and the reasons that you’ve come up with that explain why you would like to purchase gold in the first place. The short answer is: right now. If you’ve decided that you need and are going to purchase gold, then there is no real reason to delay your purchase. Understand that gold does not act the same way as a traditional stock or real estate; your purchase cannot be based on expectations that its price may quickly adjust in your favor.

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